Tree takes shape.

Sitting with a blank page in front of me wondering what to put on it, what was important for my Tree of Life, my mind just turned into a nice flat line of inactivity. I’d obviously asked myself the wrong question and my mind lay idle til my hands started to answer.

Picking up the pen on the plain paper I found myself quite certain I had to draw the shape of the tree and have a sense of just how big it was on the page and what it was connected to. I had a feeling this was the most important thing for now. It might change later but for now.

I did, to indulge my left brain, add in a few things that I think should be there and I am waiting to see if they will still be there over the next few days.

Made a decision too, which I might stick to for a bit. That I would see what comes to mind when I draw every day so that over the course of the month I will get a sense of what is constant and important. I am not assuming those images that arrive first, are suggested first, will be the ones I settle on. Nor how they are finally included

The Drawing was GREAT. My hands knew what to do, my chattering, suggestive mind went silent and watched.

Am curious about what today brings


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