A violin is a living instrument, the sound changes with the temperature, the style of the player. Playing the violin is a highly tactile activity – think not that it is tucked under the chin. It is, and that is not important.

The violin strings vibrate above your heart. Your heart hears.

Sometimes in the clamour of a loud piece your heart and breastbone tell you the note is accurate as your ears pick up everything else.

Inside the violin is the sound post, a small piece of wood like a dowel that is held in place only by the friction of the two sides of the violin. Concert violinists will have the the sound post move minute amounts to make the best sound for the hall and the music they play. The people that do this are very highly skilled and hold the career of the violinists in their hands. You could call them heart surgeons. I think this is nearly correct

The sound post is sometimes called the soul of the violin. The sound post falls and as a king capitulates in chess, the violin has gone, has died.

In French the word ame  is used as the name for the sound post.

In my Tree of Life is a small piece of dowel.


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