Glass is a super cooled fluid

This  random thought came into my head, from a discussion in the common room in the hall of residence as a student long long ago.

I was really impressed with that fact – once someone else explained it to non scientist me.  Old Stain glass is thicker at the bottom of the pane then it is at the top. Icebergs are bigger at the bottom than the top.

Trees – are they bigger? Certainly much bigger than appears. The roots may not be visible but they hold the tree up they provide the stability.

The branches get the starring role,waving about the in air, being the grand diva, the trunk is solid and woodenly reassuring, announcing themselves to the world. Being sullen, silent or dramatic depending on the weather.

It’s the roots that connect. Their beauty is unremarked upon, until a thunderstorm or disaster wrenches them from the earth and we observe how they find their way back, adapt or die.

A good root system is essential for on going growth.

It is the roots that make the tree sustainable.

It is the roots that protect against the frosts of life, the unexpected season changes as well as the expected ones.

They take a long time to develop.

Perhaps they are the brave scholars feeling their way along in the dark, bit by bit.

On my Tree of Life they are worth cherishing, even if others can’t see them or appreciate them.  Without them the tree is gone



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