taking shape

I have an overall sense of the size of my Tree of life (On the BIG side of HUGE) .  I understand the shapes it makes in the landscape.

I know the environment in which I want to picture it and why that is important.

The roots are still enigmatic, there is stuff down there to be aware of, not sure I want to excavate. I sense the Tree of Life isn’t over fond of trowels.. just like me!  That information will come to me as it will.

No I am at the choosing point. What goes on the Tree, interesting I should be at this time as Advent creeps up.

There will be things that are essential and will never change and there will be things that are important now but haven’t been in the past.

I think the biggest sense of relief will be in relocating those things that belong, and have been abandoned into the old chest at the bottom of the trunk. In a place where my wise tree left them for me to handle, consider and cherish again .


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