As Zebedee said

I loved the Magic Roundabout, the original one, where Eric Thompson subverted the original French.

I remember laughing out loud at one episode where for some reason speed limit signs had been introduced into the garden. Dougal believed they were minimum speeds and attempted to move at them with Brian. I still smile thinking about that episode. I can’t find it on Youtube if anyone ever finds it I’d love to see it again.

I liked the whacky madness of Ermintrude, the Dopeyness of Dylan, Dougal’s love of sugar and his cynicism and temper.  I can still hear the music.


At Apollo’s Temple at Delphi as you entered was a saying:

Know thyself

Many others have said it since. And this is about integrity, being your whole self.

As I completed My Tree of Life over the last month I wondered what would turn up at the end. I now can see what I had in my mind. I have a sense of it’s enormity, age, stability and strength. I haven’t produced a picture because I am not an artist. I have an artist in mind though, to produce it for me one day.

Doing this exercise was to return to my core self, understanding what I needed present in my life, how I wanted to be, how I wanted to treat others and be treated. It reminded me gently, without tears and angst. It has  given me an appreciation of where some of these important things came from. I had the information I just needed to listen to myself.

As the Last day of November is here I have reached many useful conclusions. And laughter such as the magic roundabout provided is more than medicine it is a feast.

So as Zebedee said





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