In the end it was a phoney war

So the new arrival has been here just under a month now. The drawn lines have mostly been forgotten.  There is a new stasis.

He didn’t herald change for them, though as an interloper there was initial fear that he might. Hence the need to demonstrate clearly and vocally their feelings.

There is a new alliance however, one built on gender lines, the hound and blue boy are regularly found together. However the hound is special amongst the animals. He gets on with everyone. He has more weight and physical power than all of them, but rarely chooses to use it. A very important character in any system.  In fact so important is this open minded equable quality, that without it, no system every achieves the stability to sustain change and growth.

Their change in the end was less than they feared, once they watched and relaxed.  In this instance, not radical at all.  A jolt to the system which everyone has accommodated. Tension that exists now is just the few seconds before food arrives in bowls  –  and it was always so.

The interloper has found his places.  He has been polite and he has watched what happens and slotted in to the rhythms which in turn have altered subtly for him.  His tactic has been to quietly be himself.  He has shown no desire for power plays, their eyes (and nose) will have taken in his story.  He trusted: his only motivation was to survive.

The big change here of course, is for him. He is no longer starving, he can breathe easily, he is warm most of the time. He still has raggedy fur and that’s going to take a lot longer but his basic needs are being met. He has certainty, what the others had in the first place.  He has a human captive.

He is thriving.

For a  more narrative account of this story I have written about it here  ocelotchatelaine


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