You are not the mistakes you have made

I’ve been away for a while. I have spent time gazing at the sea and sky as the winds made noises even Hollywood would think too fantastic to emulate.

It whipped around the trees, around the rocks, made the sheep on  the cliffs dance, had people do unexpected trots across the bay. The waves sloshed and slashed against the rocks and the pebbles. The cows stood steadfastly  in lines enduring it and the mud.

It was tremendous to be out in the elements, all senses engaged. You can smell and taste a storm, feel it act on you, gently or not. You can see what the force of nature can do and you can observe how much all can withstand from the elements and you can hear it. Children and adults alike are giddy in the wind and the language used shifts as it both describes and is infected by the elements.

Being in a storm, is no bad thing, if you are prepared for it, have the clothing, are within reasonable yomping distance to shelter and ( oh not so secret pleasure!) have  a Mars Bar in your pocket. All these things are material, and even taking the decision to go out in it can make it a luxury that sense of being alive amidst all that energy

It is good to remember that sometimes when you find yourself unexpectedly in a storm.

Tumult, tempest  is how you COULD choose to regard change.

Someone placed the title  “You are not the mistakes you have made”  on a discussion forum I belong too. Wise words, particularly for this time of year.

Get a good raincoat and stride out into the New Year. Of course it is very likely you will have to take it off at some point and bask in the sunlight, pause to view. And reach for the mars bar.

Happy New Year



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