Environment is Culture

Lots of things make up the culture of your life. Primarily in the end the people you are with, choose to be with, the relationships you have – make up the culture.

In a work place how people are with each other  every day without thinking IS the culture. An example:  if you are in an organisation with rule books, lots of policies, that tells you something about the culture.  Another example:  how language is used gives you some key information about the culture.

All of this can be looked at another way

What is the environment like? What is it like to sit somewhere? Visiting  a different organisation and you immediately get an impression, sometimes it is hard to accurately decipher. Perhaps it is the “professional receptionist” with the automatic smile and up beat voice, perhaps you decide if it is real or plastic. There will be other cues

All of which you take in somehow, you feel it first. Then you decide if you like it or not.

It is the same at home and with your circle of friends and your career and business relationships. The feelings around the relationships are the culture you are living in.

Thinking biologically… in a lab cultures are used to grow organisms.. The right culture and the organism thrives. The wrong culture and the organism struggles.

Your relationships are manifested in how people treat you. How they routinely respond to you.  Equally how you treat others…

Imagine you are an organism ( which of course we all are). When you stretch out for growth are you encouraged or are you squashed, is there space for you or are you crowded out.

How do you routinely respond to yourself? Do you stretch out for growth or do you retreat and squash yourself.

Have you noticed that when you are confident and stretch out in a relaxed but certain way, others respond to you differently? It is all changeable.

Look around and ask yourself is the culture around you, the one that you are part of, that your behaviour contributes to for yourself and others:

Is it one that is supportive of growth where you thrive. Or one that stifles it, where surviving is the best you can hope for.

What would you rather have?

What will YOU change?



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