The difference between learning and being taught is love

There are things we do in life that we enjoy and there are things we do in life that we LOVE.

It is this love that keeps the flame burning when evidence suggests perhaps we should be the strategist that knows when to quit. It is this love that calls on Churchill’s never never never never give up.

There is learning something, which you are responsible for. And there is being taught something which you are not responsible for. You own learning. Someone else owns tuition.  When the two exist in consenting partnership it is a superb arrangement for all.

The power in the end is with the learner.

If you want to master something if you  are after mastery and artistry, you learn it. You may find good Teachers (note the capital T) and you may submit to a period of apprenticeship because this is a useful path to mastery.

However inside you are more than a recipient of someone else’s teaching, inside you are doing your own things with it.

You are noticing and practicing, you are seeking out wider opportunities. Even in environments when you appear to be doing something else entirely, inside you are still assimilating, cogitating, deconstructing. You are playing. Your dreams are shaped by it. It isn’t all  hard work – mostly it’s a core bit of your being alive and exhilarated and inspired.

There is toil at times but the joy drug is regularly present and the memory of it, through times of toil, is never far away

Love exists here.  The love of the thing you are learning or the love of learning or ideally, both. You love what you are learning and because you love it you want to learn more and keep on learning more.

Love is learning. Tuition is toleration.

Sometimes along the way, you need to acquire some skills that support the thing you love but isn’t the thing you love. The quickest route is to find a good teacher, be taught it, be taught the thing, the skill.  Even take some pride and joy in the acquisition.

And then get back to the thing you love. Get back to learning, get back to the path of mastery.

Tuition is  techniques and facts – finite

Learning is art  and intangible  – infinite.

What are you learning?


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