Heading off – Out to gather back in.

In a former life I used to project manage fast and furious and sometimes slow and strenuous technology projects. It was an exciting and adrenaline driven experience. Satisfying.  Everyone does this in different ways some rely on process and organisation.

I relied on people, and the strengths of the relationships built before during and after the projects. Running multiple projects across different countries each with different timelines leads to a facility for the scattered mind to function and for what feels like several layers of consciousness. However it is not my preferred state. I can do it. I am good at it but I no longer have joy form the experience itself. Certainly not for long periods of time. It is a learned strength. 

In other non work related parts of my life right now the project manager is busy with planned events and planning generally. It is all for stuff I care very much about, that is where the drive, the motivation is.


I am at that point, that frustrating point where I have the poles set up, some of them have plates on them, and some of the plates are spinning. It is progress. I am not yet at the point where all the plates are up and there is a pleasant hum. There is not enough momentum yet for the effort to be elegant.

Its strenuous, important and not yet at the point where it is satisfying. That is a few steps away and all I can do is remember that is it a few steps away and now I have to wait. 


In the meantime I have to switch from a feeling of high intensity, getting in close to the detail and step back far enough to see what I am attempting to achieve.  To a completely different way of thinking and BEING this afternoon

So I am off OUT. Under the sky, with a dog, breathing, walking and waiting for the scattered mind to come back together before the next phase of different focus.


Oh yes, just been playing with quick posting, now about to Post, without all the usual options to check… my creative mind would love that. But I am living with the scattered project manager’s mind right now — and she isn’t too keen.. 😉


2 thoughts on “Heading off – Out to gather back in.

  1. sufficient momentum = elegant effort…. Love that Sarah! Walking frees up the most extraordinary clear thinking. I agree. Like swimming laps. Or so they say…Much more a land and sky person. I really get the bit about switching between close up, detail stuff and the big picture. Not easy. A learned skill I think!

    • Thank you.. walking and sky and a bath and cup of tea, is usually enough to get you through anything. The Swimming thing does work but it takes me about 20 laps before I am tranced out. Walking engtrances so much sooner!

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