What would be on your Tree?

Look out the window. If you are in the UK the chances are, even if you are in a city, you can see a tree. If not visible from a window, perhaps around a corner in a square or a park, perhaps an avenue you walk along to and from work

Look at the Trees, look how varied and wonderfully they are shaped. Look how they grow and respond to the environment they are in.

Trees root deeply and so much more is beautiful about them but invisible to us most of the time. The roots provide water, the trunk strong and sturdy as it ages supports the branches that reach out

At Christmas time, some of us decorate trees, with objects that Might have symbolism to do with a religious festival, or because they are symbolic and important to us about something in our family and personal lives. Each decorated tree looks different. Each one is built differently, sometimes just thrown up quickly sometimes lovingly dressed as part of a wider family/group ceremony

Imagine you had your own tree and you choose everything about it. It being symbolic of you and your dreams, desires, what you care about, what you must have, what you expect from others. How you want to be in the world, at home, at work, with the teams you work with. An authentic essence of you.

Well you do have a tree, perhaps more than one..

Would you like to find out more about it and how you can use it? Support change  in your life and remain yourself?.




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