Your life story, ready for some plot changes?

“When patterns in engagments with the people around you become well-worn and ineffective, are they persistent because they have to be, or because the story demands it?”

This is the last line from Seth Godin’s blog post today, if you don’t regularly read him you are missing out on some wise words and simple wisdom. He sometimes says stuff that you know you always knew, but had forgotten. Other times he says things that throw a light on something you hadn’t considered before. He is always short, always entertaining. He writes well, understands the importance of that .


But he rates taking action higher than making things perfect.

I likes him!

If you are beginning to guess I have a lot of time for him, you would be right, there is nothing special about me for that he has 162,000 twitter followers to start with..

The headline to his piece is Extending the Narrative and you can find it here

Sometimes ( always) when we lead or are asking to others to lead, there are voices in our heads telling us what people think, what we should do, how we should behave. These voices are not evidence of madness. They are evidence that as well as writing out our stories for the past, constructing them, we are in a very powerful position.

Instead of being caught at the whim of life’s events, we are able to create how we live by the simple measure of listening to what we say to ourselves ( and others) and then having the power to decide what we say and do instead.

We can choose, its just that we often forget as we live the story that we can choose, we can step out of the story at any time, change the direction of the story, the flavour.

There is a grand name for this Constructionism – of which there are many flavours, social, relational, religions, philosophies, scientific methods etc etc..

My simplistic synthesis of all of them ( by that I mean it works for me!) is that we are sense making creatures, we seek to explain what is going on around us, happening to us, within us and in doing so we build, we construct our sense of reality.

We don’t need to have lots of qualifications to do this, we don’t need to have lots of life experience or a grand job title.

A sense of humour helps, along with a sense that we can open our minds and remain curious.

Because we create, we can change whenever  we decide that the story (US)  would benefit from it






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