3 what challenge?

A few days back I took the decision to unplug my television for 30 days. I thought it would be hard but so far it hasnt been. 

I didn’t do this because I wanted to go without something. I did it because I wanted space for other stuff. 

I haven’t gone completely cold turkey, I have the iplayer so I can watch a handful of programmes if I feel the need.

I’ve also replaced it with the radio, but chiefly programmes that play music and are not full of chatter. Oh lovely radio, my Mother’s friend that greeted me at breakfast and when I came in from school or back from university. 

The music has been a delight, random, (for me) as in someone else chooses what I hear and I just accept it. Sometimes the piece is an old friend, other times something new, sometimes it warms my heart, takes me to a sad place, a happy place. Sometimes it takes me back in time. Sometimes I don’t like the piece ( fortunately not too often)  but I stick with it and see what arises. 

Sometimes I lose awareness of the radio as I get on with other activities and then suddenly the radio is very present all around me. I pick up on something as it chimes with a thought. 

Is this praise of radio or of music. Am I enjoying the enabler or the enabled? 

Anyway, turning off the telly is just one absence that has made way for something else.

I am issuing myself a challenge now for 30 days – though I think it will become a habit. At the end of each day I am going to ask myself 

3 Whats

What  new thing did I learn today

What new thing did I do today

What else made today unique


Just at the end of the day I will ask. I won’t – as far as is consciously possible – plan for each day in advance.

I will record my answers, without justification and move through the time without review until the end.




5 thoughts on “3 what challenge?

  1. Ah Sarah, you remind me what a lot of ‘clutter’ there is around me! And also, that once as I was following The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron), I found myself asked to give up reading anything as well as watching tv, for a week. That was very disconcerting (for Dennis as well as for me actually!) Mind you, we were in our little French cottage at the time so tv wasn’t a great draw, but reading was … the idea was to be with your thoughts, undistracted other than by ‘doing’ stuff – I seem to recall some craft work and a lot of gardening and labour intensive cooking! Now I am looking forward to hearing what these 30 days yield for you …

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