About Me

Who am I?

I am a change agent. I didn’t always know that. At the beginning of my working life I was described as questioning and outspoken.  Nothing has changed in that respect. I can’t help questioning stuff, wanting to understand more to bring about change.  In leadership roles over the last 20 years this character flaw/attribute served me in good stead. I like to think the best leaders are like that too!

More recent descriptions of me have  said I am imaginative, perceptive, fierce, supportive, respectful and not easily deceived. All essential attributes when coaching  and leading others through cultural change which became a central role for me for over 7 years within the top team of a group of innovative technology companies.

When shared, knowledge is so much more than an enabler  – and there are so many people to share with!

As leaders take on more challenges, become accountable in unexpected ways, this sharing becomes more necessary- but not necessarily easier.  I’ve worked with technology for most of my working career so for me change is a way of life – that still doesn’t make it easy.

Because we are always facing new, planned and unplanned hurdles, working well, working with change has an impact on all aspects of our lives. I think there is some magic in being able to adapt, develop and still be yourself. It makes things sustainable.

The important questions around “is this sustainable, can we sustain this, can I sustain this?” are essential questions on which the performance and health of all companies and individuals in the end depend.

My life experience has taught me resoundingly when I can be myself I am creative, productive, courageous and happy.  I think that’s true for everyone.

More recently for the last 10 years or so my interests and activities have been based around how people adapt to change and finding ways to lead through change. How do you take the best of yourself onwards whilst often being buffetted with messages that aren’t helpful for change, growth, and self determination. I believe in being frank and supportive and having a laugh whilst getting stuck in, to bring about change, appropriately and effectively. Change can be scary, it can also be reinvigorating and full of new possibilities.

I believe being yourself is a freedom that should be listed as a Human Right and when I work with people the first place to start is with “who are you?” Lets find out what you are really capable of.

Sarah Foster


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’ve read that a few times now. It sounds invigorating, energising, exciting, challenging in a positive way, honest, enticing… if I was reading this and didn’t know you I would want to know you, I would want to work with you. Lucky for me I do know you and I have worked with you… although working with you now would be even more exciting I think 🙂

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