Loaf About

Loafandlearn, grew out of a personal project I started in 2011 as I started out on a new phase of my life.  As I played around with words, ideas, and explored my personal philosophies about life I started to put them all back together in a different way. One that for the first time in a very long while excited me, ignited bits of me that had been lying dormant, or worse sulking in a corner, resentful.

Here are some of the threads :

  •  I am not unique in recognising the power of play to aid learning. When you are playful you tend to be fearless, when you are fearless you try out new things. When you try out new things and are used to experimenting you gain confidence, when you gain confidence you can be playful.. and so the virtuous circle continues.
  • Playing is important for growth. One way to define an intelligent animal is that it plays. The intelligent  animal lives beyond survival.  Learning brings freedom and it brings opportunity, which inevitably brings change. When you play you learn by accident, as well as by design.
  • Organisations are always always always made up of individuals. What is true for the individual will in some way be true for the organisation. How can it not be?
  • A recurring  personal life theme  and also one I observe in others is the matter of sustainability. This is important for organisations, teams, companies and at the most important level the individual. You and me. This translates into different things common buzzwords being “authentic leadership”  “wellbeing programmes” and my personal favourite (not!) “work/life balance”.  Simple translation, if you are happy and healthy everything is so much easier to sustain.
  • Everyone is capable of so much more  than they currently believe. From my observation the times when people, teams, organisations have had most success has also been times when they were having fun.
  • Playfulness leads to an open mind, creativity and productivity.
To summarise what I make of all this:

A disciplined group of people engaged on a project together can achieve more than one alone. A  similar group of inspired happy people are probably unstoppable.  AND HEALTHY.

Understanding the importance of deep focus based on study and learning, working in harmony with an open mind, still wide open to new opportunities is the heart of Left and Right Brain thinking.

Being creative is something we all are.  Yes we are. It’s just that somewhere we forget to practice it, or devalue our creativity when we do.

It is the inspiration not the perspiration that brings about life’s little leaps. Clearly both are important  BUT the inspiration bit, isn’t ” a nice to have” !

So LoafandLearn will always be:

A place to refresh, remind and recharge what is important to you personally so that you sustain yourself and others you lead.

You can use your loaf, loaf about having fun learning and leading sustainably.


11 thoughts on “Loaf About

  1. Just discovered your blog. I love the ‘flash’ posts. They really capture the whimsical, light, floatiness of play. Beautiful!!

  2. Sarah your playful, inquiring attitude is inspiring and your posts feel both conscious and deliberate/purposeful. It feels like you have over the course of your posts shared a process for discovery, and I am inspired by both the content and the form reflection. I am going to take the essence of your play and consider how I can use it within my project musings ~ thank you! Nx

    • Hey – Fantastic!! I am naturally quite playful by nature. All too often for some reason I hide that part of me, but I’ve only one life, might as well return to playfulness as a habit rather than an indulgence. I am finding its a great reflective tool but its also a stimulus to continuing…I really like that fact I don’t quite know where it will end up, makes for a much more enjoyable journey and one with more possibilities…

  3. Sarah, my curiosity has been sparked. I delight in sharing your experiences as you open your awareness to the environment and life experinces surrounding you. Time and chance bring that sense of not knowing…the unpredictable. Allowing such aspects to have influence on your project gives me a sense that something special will emerge. The virtual branches of your tree are reaching out to others.. we watch from a distance as the tree gains substance. There is momentum here and for me a sense of anticipation. I eagerly await the next chapters.

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