Tree of Life Project – History Purpose and workshop


The Tree of Life is a universal metaphor. It is a well known phrase and so at some level for many people hearing the phrase will make sense. Trees of Life have been used quite literally in science to demonstrate origins of life forms and in religion and philosophy in related abstract ways

This Tree of Life Project calls on the well known metaphor in a distinctly personal way. Unique to each person.

The Tree of Life helps you answer  the question: WHO AM I

Take a well known shared physical  Structure: roots, trunk, branches, leaves

Place it in an environment

See what is present in and around the tree.

Then using a mixture of visualisation, questioning and creating  in a relatively short period of time find out the details of your Tree.

It is a way of returning to you core self. To properly ask yourself what, when all is said and done, is important to you, that you want to cherish and honour as part of your whole life.  As I say in a separate post in more detail, this self knowledge is essential for making significant life changes successfully.

For thirty days I recorded my activities on this here. I took 30 days because I could. In fact  a one day workshop will achieve the same ends.  You can read some aspects of my tree here, if you are interested. All the posts in November 2011 are about this – and they are all short.

OR alternatively you could just read the last entry Nov 30 which provides an overview of my experience.


What becomes striking during the process is not what emerges but why. Something chosen may have obvious meaning to everyone OR it could be symbolic of many things and deeply personal.

The workshop guides you  to safely explore the history and purpose of everything that emerges and decide what you need to keep as is.

It also allows you to adapt and still be true to yourself.

We carry around with us thoughts, feelings and emotions that might have been very important and valid once and always will be. There will be others that are no longer of use, but habitual and as we learn and grow need to be revisited.

This workshop, is fun, personally illuminating and inspiring. The FUN bit is not merely important its essential.

It is suitable for anyone who is about to embark on a significant life change. Either taking a big career leap into management or perhaps moving back into work. It is also suitable for those who have had change thrust upon them but are wondering how they will cope.  It is particularly useful for those that lead others, where there is a relentless expectation but little time for refreshment or personal re evaluation. In all these situations what is at play are question like ” can I do this, what does this mean about me, what will my friends and family think, how is this sustainable”


Date : 17th May

All workshops have a maximum of 10 attendees, keeping the process personal, intimate, informative and light


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