Tree of Life for Personal Leadership in September and October

The next workshops are in planning  for September more details will be added here later but if you want a flavour look below..

A Day of Refreshment built around you.
We all face challenges along the way, in our careers, companies, our personal lives. For some this is energising for a while but for most of us there comes a point,  where there is some need for refreshment.

Instead of looking after everyone else, considering the wider issues, looking at problems strategically,  you may start to ask ask yourself  Can I do this? or worse, Do I want to do this any more?

Just when you want to be creative, alert, open minded, have empathy, be confident, suddenly you feel tired and dulled. It is a common human experience. Instead of joyfully fencing, bantering and learning, it has become more like a battle to keep going. Things that used to be easy for you and you KNOW you are capable of doing well become boring and at worse exhausting. If people are looking to you in any way this can be excruciating.

Catching this early is a good thing. Finding ways to prevent it regularly occurring is even better.
This workshop is built around you to address all that. The day is packed challenging AND relaxing and it is fun. Through a series of guided activities using a variety of different learning activities you will:

  • Rediscover and reconsider who you are and what is valuable to you and also for others you care about.
  • Take a focussed look at your personal strengths, including some unrealised Strengths using  internationally recognised Positive Psychology research.
  • Experience a time of  safe personal reflection and refreshment to remind yourself of how much more you are capable of.

The venue for this is a wonderful farm in Derbyshire away from your normal working environment.
Included in the day:
Some unexpected activities, to ignite your imagination and your logical mind.
Your personal Realise2 Strengths report.
Refreshments all day including tea and coffee, lunch and CAKE.
A  60-90 minute personal coaching session to review the results both of the Tree of Life and your Realise2 strengths report and plan your next steps a week later

Sounds interesting and useful?  Would you like to come along and experience this? Do  know someone who could benefit from some time and space

Contact me for more details by adding a comment with your contact details which will remain private.

I am running this workshop as a pilot for a bigger project. As such the price is massively discounted to  about a 10th of its planned price.

I look forward to meeting you there


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Alternatively add a comment below which I will respond to privately

If this isn’t suitable for you, but might be for someone you know, I’d be delighted if you shared this page with them.


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